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Né fascisti Né zozzoni - Neither fascists nor hippies

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Oi!, punk, hc, ska, reggae, skinhead related CDs, vinyls, fanzines, t-shirts, etc.

COTD, the label

Automatica Aggregazione, cover art
Automatica Aggregazione - S/T 7"EP, COTD07, 2008
3 top oi!-streetpunk songs from one of the best italian bands.

Blood '77, cover art
Blood '77 - Romantic Hotel CD, COTD06, 2006
Stunning '77 punk-rock from this italian band. Great booklet illustrations!

Klaxon, cover art
Klaxon - Uonna Club digipack CD, COTD05, 2006
The '80s recordings + unlrealesed stuff for this hystorical Italian band.
Deluxe digipack w/fat booklet with pictures, newspaper cuts, flyers, etc.

Uguaglianza, cover art
Uguaglianza - Via Cairoli CD, ANS001/HALCD03, 2005
Top street-rock/oi!, produced by Steno of Nabat fame

We don't like you!, cover art
Various Punk & Oi! - We Don't Like You! CD, COTD04, 2004
Compilation album feat. Youngang, Laida Bologna Crew, Razzapparte, Klasse Kriminale, etc.
Great skinhead artwork!

Rappresaglia, cover art
Rappresaglia - 1982 CD, COTD82, 2004
Top italian hardcore from the early '80s!

The Stab, cover art
The Stab - Punk 77: The Stab Discography CD, COTD77, 2004
Great oi! tinged punk-rock from Nabat members in the vein of The Clash and SLF.

Razzapparte, cover art
Razzapparte - Servi o Ribelli CD, COTD00, 2003
Italian oi! punk band active since 1995, great booklet!

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