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19 December 2007

Disponibile “Skinhead Army - a novel by Sab Grey”

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“An unflinching tale of Skinhead life on the back streets of Baltimore.”

Skinhead Army

Finalmente disponibile la skinhead novel di Sab Grey, voce degli Iron Cross!

Grey, che nel 1980 fondò la prima oi! band statunitense, racconta la vita di uno skinhead tra sottoculture, oi, punk, sesso e violenza di strada.

L’autore in più punti del libro lascia trasparire il proprio di vista sulle culture punk e skin sfatando alcuni miti e luoghi comuni.

Skinflint Press, 2007.
Copertina morbida, 222 pagine, lingua inglese.

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«A Viking artifact. The lunatic fringe running amok.
A seething mob of Punks and Skinheads jostling in a crowded club. A beautiful Jamaican woman. Dark, smokey neighborhood bars devoid of ferns and pretension. Welcome to Sab Grey’s Baltimore, a working class town teeming with life, shady goings-on and street level resistance to mindless thugs.

Follow “Grey,” haunted by a past that lives in his nightmares, as he moves between the worlds of blue-collar work, academia, a bi-racial love affair and a vibrant underground music scene. Hardcore legend Sab Grey takes the reader on an irresistible vertiginous caper worthy of Donald Westlake or Walter Mosley. His conflicted working class protagonist, “Grey,” fights Nazis and indulges in his love of history, music, women and booze. Filled with exhilarating action and the author’s unique insight into Skinhead/Punk culture, Grey’s SKINHEAD ARMY dares the reader to put it down. Funny, irreverent and compelling, SKINHEAD ARMY builds momentum to the frantic, caustic end.»

Skinhead Army book



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